The Decade Secretariat

At the 9th ISC Meeting in late 2006, it was agreed that a "Technical Support Unit" for the Decade—the unit is now known as the Decade Secretariat—would be established in Budapest, Hungary. The creation of this unit was supported by the Open Society Foundations, which founded the Secretariat on behalf of the International Steering Committee. 

The Secretariat, which began operating in early 2008, serves as the main facilitation body of the Decade. 

The Decade Secretariat:


  • Supports the Decade Presidency in organizing ISC meetings and thematic workshops;

  • Ensures coordination among the main Decade stakeholders, including governments, international organizations and civil society;

  • Cooperates with governments that wish to join the Decade and provide support for their accession;

  • Assists in developing and updating national Decade Action Plans, and facilitates, on request, provision of expert advice and support in the Decade priority areas: education, health, housing and employment;

  • Coordinates and shares information with the European Commission and other international bodies;

  • Builds a knowledge management system based on national and international experiences, and compiles annual reports about Decade activities; 

  • Ensures the flow of information among participating countries; and

  • Designs and implements communication strategies, linked with other significant initiatives, with the goal of promoting Decade achievements and attracting political and financial support. 


The Decade Secretariat is a private foundation registered in Hungary as the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation. The governing body of the Foundation is a five-member Board of Trustees consisting of representatives from the past and current Decade Presidency countries, the Open Society Institute and the World Bank. The Facilitator acts as secretary to the Board of Trustees. 


The Decade Secretariat terminated its activities in December 2015. 






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