Decade Trust Fund

1.  What is the Decade Trust Fund?


The Decade Trust Fund (DTF) is a Trust Fund administered by the World Bank.  The DTF is financed out of contributions from all Decade countries as well as interested international partner organizations. It was agreed at the November 2005 International Steering Committee (ISC) meeting in Bucharest that each of the Decade countries would contribute an initial amount of EUR 20,000 to the Trust Fund. The Open Society Institute has also contributed this amount. The World Bank manages the DTF at the request and on behalf of the Decade countries.



2.  Eligible activities to be financed under the DTF


The DTF is meant to be a flexible tool to finance joint activities of the Decade countries. The DTF supports two principal types of activities:


  • cross-country technical support, training and workshops in the context of refining andimplem enting the Decade National Action Plans on the priority areas of education, employment, housing and health as well as  the cross-cutting issues of poverty, discrimination and gender, and

  • monitoring and evaluation of Decade implementation across the Decade countries.


Cross-country technical support is supposed to be benefiting all Decade countries. For example, if one Decade country proposed to hold a workshop on an issue on which it seeks technical assistance, such a workshop should be open for attendance by representatives from all countries.


The DTF, therefore, is not aimed at financing individual country projects, but joint activities.


The DTF finances short term consultant fees (such as experts invited for workshops), travel, media and workshop costs in the Decade countries.


Project funding will not be used to cover the costs of travel or other costs of participation in Trust Fund activities by World Bank staff.



3.  Approval Procedure for DTF Proposal


DTF approval process involves ISC members. Proposals are approved on a no-objection basis.


A - First Review Process – Evaluation and Ranking by World Bank Team and Decade Secretariat


Project proposals are submitted via email, received, ranked and cleared by a review panel which includes World Bank staff working on DTF activities and Decade Secretariat staff. This panel reviews each proposal within 3 working days and sends comments to originating agency if clarifications are needed.


The first review process panel weighs the quality of the proposal, relevance to the Decade goals, cross-country learning potential and inclusion of Roma in the generation and application of proposals. Each proposal is ranked according to criteria as detailed in the following table.



DTF Proposal Ranking System



Number of Points

Relevance of proposal :


  • Link to Decade focus areas and cross-cutting issues

  • Relevance to implementation of action plan


3 points


Quality of proposal:


  • Clarity of objective and adequateness of approach to meet objective

  • Feasibility of proposal given budget ceiling and given time frame

  • Contribution to learning


3 points


Roma participation in preparation of proposal and implementation


2 points


Cross country relevance of proposal


2 points




Maximum score: 10 points.

N.B.: Only proposals with more than 5 points will be sent for the second review process. 


B - Second Review Process – ISC Review


Proposals cleared under the first review process and ranked above 5 points are sent via email for no-objection to the entire ISC (including government delegates and representatives of Roma civil society). The ISC panel will review DTF Proposal within 10 working days.


  • If no comments are received after the 10-working-day review period, the World Bank will issue the no-objection memo for the approved DTF Proposal and liaise with beneficiary to ensure actual financing of the proposal.

  • If comments are received within the 10-working-day review period, the World Bank Team will forward ISC comments to submitting agency and will ensure that a response is received and transmitted to ISC.



4.  World Bank Procurement Responsibility for all Approved DTF Proposals


The World Bank, as chosen Administrator of the DTF, has sole responsibility of Procurement activities linked to any approved DTF Proposal. World Bank Procurement procedures apply or any activities approved under the DTF. Any contracts or payments under the DTF are processed and issued by the World Bank Departments.



5.  Contact


DTF Task Team Leader is Ms. Marijana Jasarevic, Operations Analyst at the World Bank Serbia Country Office.

For any questions please contact Ms. Sujani Eli, Program Assistant at the World Bank in Washington D.C., USA - Tel: + 1 202 473 8556,




The Decade Trust Fund Proposal Form


The Decade Trust Fund Project Monitoring Form