Civil Society Monitoring

One of the core values of the Decade of Roma Inclusion is the participation and involvement of Roma representatives and civil society organizations in every stage of the Decade.


This was particularly emphasized at the 3rd ISC Meeting when elaborating the vision and values of the Decade:


Nothing about us without us: Roma participation will make or break the Decade. Roma representatives and civil society organizations are involved in every stage of the Decade. Roma shaped and defined the vision from the very outset. Roma civil society groups and experts identified policy priorities and played a key role in defining Decade goals and targets. Roma participation will be central to regular oversight and monitoring of the process over the next ten years.


Hence, Roma representatives and civil society organizations have had a significant role in monitoring the implementation and progress of the Decade since its beginning. The first monitoring reports - Decade Watch - analyzed the first two years of Decade implementation. The Open Society Foundations and the World Bank supported the reports, including training and mentoring the research teams, as well as developing the methodology, and providing editorial and production support. The 2005-2006 reports were followed by a Decade Watch Update report for 2007. Finally, the last cycle of Decade Watch reports was published in 2009.


In 2013, the Decade Secretariat published the Civil Society Monitoring Reports for 2012Upon issuing an open call, the Decade Secretariat selected civil society coalitions (either Roma led or with substantial Roma engagement) to analyze, evaluate and interpret data relevant for the implementation of the Decade National Action Plans and the National Roma Integration Strategies in eight Decade Participating Countries. The reports were produced under the guidance of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation, in cooperation with the OSF Roma Initiatives Office and the Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Program.


Below you will find links to monitoring reports on the Decade, which were prepared with the full participation of Roma civil society organizations. 



Decade Watch


Civil Society Monitoring Reports