Roma NGO Decade Focal Points Networking Meetings

The wide range of consultations with partners on the future of the Decade concluded one firm opinion, Roma participation is a core value of the Decade and it should be continued and strengthened in the future


Establishment of the Decade Focal Points network serves this purpose. Decade Focal Points (see list: have been identified through an open call for proposals in each Decade member state.


The 1st Decade Focal Point Networking meeting was held in Budapest on November 7-8 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to map the challenges the Decade Focal Points faced while implementing the activities and the innovative solutions that they applied and could share with the partner organizations. Another important objective was to make sure that the Decade Focal Points get to know each other better in person that would allow a better cooperation and an improved performance as a group.


Association Mesecina, Decade Focal Point of Macedonia created a web site ( for the usage and benefit of the whole network.


The Decade Focal Point mandate helps the activists to have an enhanced communication and cooperation with the government partners and international organizations.


The Decade Focal Points considered joint activities for the future acknowledging the value added and enforcing power of the group work.


Asociación Nacional Presencia Gitana, Spanish Decade Focal Point invited the network for a 2nd meeting to Barcelona in early December. The purpose of the meeting was to create an advocacy strategy that would strengthen the model of active Roma participation on national and international level. Furthermore, the network produced a joint video message to governments calling them for further commitment regarding the continuation of the Decade. This video will be available soon.