Updated civil society monitoring reports

In the pilot year of 2012, the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation supported reports from civil society coalitions in seven countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and the Roma Initiatives Office commissioned an additional report from the Czech Republic.


In the reports, civil society coalitions supplement or present alternative information to Decade Progress Reports submitted by Participating Governments in the Decade of Roma Inclusion and to any reports submitted by State parties to the European Commission on implementation of their National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS). These reports are not meant to substitute for quantitative monitoring and evaluation by State authorities but to channel local knowledge into national and European policy processes and reflect on the real social impact of government measures. The civil society reports provide additional data to official ones, proxy data where there is no official data, or alternative interpretation of published data.


When the European Commission requested further input for assessing the impact of National Roma Integration Strategies in 2012 and 2013, the Decade Secretariat offered support to the same civil society coalitions from EU Member States to update and streamline their reports.


The project is coordinated by the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation.


Both the full reports covering 2012 and the streamlined reports covering 2012 and 2013 are available at www.romadecade.org/civilsocietymonitoring