Roma Women Health and Security

Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

15-17 October 2015 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina









Introductory speeches


Saliha Đuderija, Assistant Minister; Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH

Hubert Neuwirth, Program manager; Austrian Development Agency, Austria

Indira Bajramović, Chair women of Roma Board at Council of Ministers

Sumka Bučan, Regional director; CARE International Balkans


Session One: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Safety of Roma Women


Roma health mediators in the community as an example of good practice

Dragan Đorđević , Advisor for Vulnerable Groups; Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia


Improvement of Health Care for Roma population within RAP

Biljana Popović, Focal Point for Health of Roma Population; Institute for Public Health of Montenegro

Samir Šlaku, Expert Advisor; Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, BiH


The Health Situation of Roma Communities

Jelena Tadžič, Regional Project Manager, UNDP


Practical application of right of Roma women and men to health care

Svetlana Ilić, Ministry of Health Republic of Serbia


Reproductive Health of Roma women

Aldijana Dedić, Health Mediator, YRI Be my Friend, BiH


Session two: Gender Based Violence, Trafficking and Safety of Roma Women


Violence against Roma women in BiH; through the prism of work of CSO

Fedra Idžaković, Executive Director; Rights for All, BiH


Legal solutions to combat violence against women in the family and partner relationships

Snežana Pantić Aksentijević, Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia


Mechanisms of Government of Montenegro in Fight Against Human Trafficking with special focus on arranged marriages

Tijana Šuković, Independent Advisor; Government of Montenegro, Office for Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings


Key Elements to Efficient Protection System of Women Against Violence: Cross-sectoral cooperation and Specialized Services

Vesna Jarić, Joint Project Coordinator; UNDP


Session three: Good/Bad Practices


Protection from domestic violence and health care of Roma women

Marina Mijatović, Director; Law Scanner, Republic of Serbia


Health Care of Roma Population; Examples from Practice

Stela Stojisavljavić, Doctor, Institute for Public Health of Republic of Srpska


Movie: Male attitudes towards Women in the Roma Community

Valentina Vlahovic, Project Manager, NGO Montenegrin women lobby


Issues and consequences of arranged marriages in Montenegro

Vera Nakic, Local Coordinator, Women RAE Network FIRST


Good and bad solutions for dealing with the theme of social assistance to victims of violence 

Lejla Ruzdic, Coordinator, Office of legal and psyhological assistance to victims of domestic violence 


Session four: Resolution 1325 Women, Peace, Safety and Security; Roma in CS – Support to Safety of Roma Women


Action Plan for implementation of UN Resolution 1325 in BiH (2014 – 2017), Approach to human safety from aspect of gender equality

Kika Babić – Svetlin Expert Adviser for Planning, Development and Monitoring, Agency for Gender Equality BiH


Implementation of CEDAW recommendations for Roma women and Istanbul Convention on its implementation in legislation or Republic of Serbia with reflect on Roma women

Đurđica Ergić, Project Manager, Roma Women Center Bibija, Republic of Serbia


Safety of Roma Women – responsibility of all of us, examples of cooperation in Montenegro

Slavko Milić, Head of Juvenile Delinquency and Domestic Violence, Police Department Nikšić, Montenegro


Session five: Future Steps – Possible Solutions


Human rights and safety of Roma women

Saliha Đuderija, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH


Local good practices in protection of women against domestic violence and partner relationships

Slavica Brđović, Head of Info Department, Commission for Gender Equality of Belgrade Municipality Zvedzara


Necessary measures for improvement of position of Roma and Egyptian women in society

Fana Delija, Executive Director, Center for Roma Initiatives Montenegro